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  • 经济学(主修、辅修和专业)

Economics is the allocation of resources among competing uses. You will study many vital issues that affect human flourishing in the Economics major at SPU, while emphasizing on a Christian perspective on society’s decisions about how to organize the production and distribution of goods and services. The Economics major at SPU emphasizes critical thinking, original research, and the stewardship of scarce resources to enhance human flourishing.

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Economics (BA)


商业分析专业 will equip you with additional skills and understanding related to marketing, management, and international business.

发展经济学集中 will prepare you to proactively work alongside and within developing countries around the world.

攻读金融经济学专业 will allow you to focus on issues such as financial accounting, business finance, and investments.

The General concentration provides you the opportunity to custom tailor your educational experience with the Economics courses that most interest you.

公共政策的集中 prepares you to pursue work and/or further studies in public administration, global development, and politics.

You will study many vital issues that affect human flourishing in the Economics major at SPU. This major emphasizes development and financial economics, 专注于决策, resource stewardship, and policy for allocation and distribution of resources and production. Economics is vital to understanding the firm as a system, and also the broader interaction of firms and households with the macro economy and political institutions. 

  • A minimum 68 credits are required for this major, 包括41个高年级学分.
  • 你可以选择一般轨道, or you may choose one of four concentration options by completing 15 elective credits within that particular discipline.
  • 你必须至少修满35个学分 in the major at SPU.



演示电子表格能力 is required of all students graduating with degrees in the 商业、政府和经济学院. You can document this by passing BUS 1700 or by scoring at least 60 percent on the basic Microsoft 办公室 Specialist exam for Microsoft Excel 2013, 2016, 或晚. For questions regarding the Spreadsheets Competency Requirement, contact Dr. Richard Sleight at


Newly admitted students of Business; Accounting; Economics; Global Development; and 政治、哲学和经济学 are required to attend an orientation event typically held in February each year. Admission to the major is conditional upon attendance.


Admission to the Economics major is selective and based upon prior academic performance. Recent aggregate admission data for the Accounting, Business Administration, 经济学专业的学生人数如下图所示.

Academic Year 2016–17 2017–18 2018–19
被录取学生的平均GPA 3.4 3.3 3.4
被录取学生的最低GPA 2.8 2.8 2.7
Number of Applicants 119 125 103
Number Admitted 116 119 100


You are required to make formal application and be admitted to the Economics major prior to enrollment in most Upper Division courses. 

To meet the minimum requirements for application to the major, you must:

  • 至少取得了大二的成绩 (45个或以上大学学分).
  • Complete at least 15 credits in BUS, ACCT, and ECN at SPU  (转学大三、大四学生10学分).
  • Have either a 2.70 cumulative GPA and 2.70 major GPA at SPU, 或者是3.0 major GPA. Attainment of the minimum GPA standards does not guarantee admission as the total number of students admitted is limited by capacity.
  • 提交 an online Major application December 20–January 20. SBGE does not accept major applications outside this window.


  • The University requires a grade of C- or better in all classes that apply to a major or minor; however, programs may require higher minimum grades in specific courses. You may repeat an SPU course only once for a higher grade.
  • To advance in this program, you should meet with your faculty advisor regularly to discuss your grades, course progression, and other indicators of satisfactory academic progress. If your grades or other factors indicate that you may not be able to successfully complete the major, your faculty advisor can work with you to explore options, 这可能包括选择不同的专业.
  • 你必须完成主要的要求 in effect in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for the year of admittance to the major.

Economics minor


The Economics minor allows you to complement your chosen major with some general economics coursework. A minor in Economics can be of particular value to Political Science 专业,或者如果你准备上法学院. These requirements also satisfy the requirements for a teaching endorsement in Economics.

  • A minimum of 30 credits are required for this minor, 包括15个高年级学分.
  • SPU requires you to earn at least 15 credits of this minor at SPU, 10 credits of which must be Upper Division credits.
  • 这分钟or is not available to students majoring in Accounting; Business Administration; Economics; 政治、哲学和经济学; or in other Business minors.


  • Acceptance to the Economics minor is based upon a minimum cumulative 2.90年平均绩点, 完成辅修课程5个学分,成绩为2.90年平均绩点, a minimum of 45 quarter credits of coursework complete (sophomore standing), 正式进入你的主修专业. 
  • You are required to make a formal application to this minor, 你可以在一年中的任何时候做什么.
  • 你必须完成辅修要求 in effect in the SPU Undergraduate Catalog for the year of admittance to the minor. 
  • 这个辅修项不可用 to students majoring in Accounting; Business Administration; Economics; 政治、哲学和经济学; or other Business minors.
  • 网易彩票appSBGE未成年人的问题, contact Dr. Richard Sleight (

Time Schedule: Economics

Course planning

Suggested course sequences help you complete your degree in a timely manner.

Economics Department

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